Days is a store that reconfigures the structure of retail as a creative vector. We provide in-depth support to our artist-vendors and enrich our clientele's social, cultural and spiritual lives through events, readings, workshops, and conversations. We believe LA to be loaded with potential energy to be drawn out in person. By taking the concept of "cities" as inspiration this year for our thematic seasonal collections, we mirror the vitality of our city and create an IRL marketplace for the city's most creative makers and supporters to come together, sell, shop, and dream.

Cities of Days is a year-long consideration of literal, imagined, and metaphorical cities.

Rock (March - June 2018)

Cities of Days begins by investigating literal cities and the structures surrounding us. Informed by City of Quartz (Mike Davis), we situate the current city as a location of its past. Here are disparate materials coalescing into form, here is a polyglot city of prototypes and experimentation, here is LA as amalgamation.

In the first three months of our year-long arc, we consider this nexus of ideas through words, objects, art, apparel, and programming.

Water (July - October 2018)

With Water, Cities of Days moves beyond literal cities to focus on imagined ones, taking as inspiration the fictitious metropoles in Invisible Cities (Italo Calvino) and the protofeminist utopian allegory of The Book of the City of Ladies (Christine de Pizan). Imagining how things can be and striving for that futurity, we embrace the symbolism of water for its mutable nature—that it can change both itself and the rocks it passes over.

For these four months the store features a diverse group of independent designers, artists, architects, writers and artisans. With words, objects, art, apparel, and programming, we engage with these cities of the mind.

Oil (November 2018 - February 2019)

The final installment of Cities of Days brings us into the season of Oil and metaphorical cities. Imbued with the corporeality of Anaïs Nin’s Cities of the Interior, we descend into the sensuousness and mystery of the lived body. Oil is the core—those deepest and darkest, hidden, or perhaps unknown places.

Throughout the year, Cities of Days has been uncovering cities in strata: moving from literal layers of Rock, to imaginary layers of Water, and now into experiential layers of Oil. Ideas give way to desire, plans resolve into ritual, physical structures transmute into emotion.

Over the next four months, we explore these depths with artists, designers, craftspeople, writers, and makers of all sorts. Together, we draw back the curtains of our previously explored buildings, breaching their facades and venturing inside.

In our upstairs studio, we will be hosting The Wax Apple through the end of the year as a shop-in-shop. The space is a container for and creation of, memory, conjuring artist Juliana Hung’s Taiwanese childhood with products selected with her Grandmother for sale. Regular Taiwanese food will help activate this project and the memories, new and old, it inspires.

In conjunction with the launch of Oil, we will be hosting Gas Gallery (a mobile, autonomous, experimental and networked platform for contemporary art) on Saturdays for the month of November, with their exhibit Anatomy of Oil on view.

We will also debut a project in collaboration with Tanya Rubbak: Communication by Seduction Project (Windows, Real or Imagined), a multi-part risograph print project, with limited edition folios, in which designers and artists will create windows into hidden structures where desires live.

Days is an iterative and fluid retail/community/event space in Los Feliz. With each iteration we host events and bring together collections under different themes. Days is a space responsive to dreams, ideas, perceptions, objects, trips; a place where we can engage with each other as makers and thinkers and people.