Communication by Seduction Project (Windows, Real or Imagined)


The official launch of this collaboration with Tanya Rubbak: Communication by Seduction Project (Windows, Real or Imagined), a multi-part risograph print project, with limited edition folios, in which designers and artists have created windows into hidden structures where desires live.

Join us for the party debuting the compiled limited-edition collection of prints!

Are you up for it?

Are you secretly waiting?

Are you a city or a feeling?

A movement or a gesture?

Are you going to stay?

Are you song or scent?

We are looking to fall out of time, can you help us?

Featuring projects by Advanced Sunrise, Alex Pines, Ella Gold, Hayley Barker, Joel Evey, Kate Johnston, Liana Jegers, Mansi Shah, Megan Whitmarsh, Riah Buchanan, Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen (Drawswords), Julie Cho and Katie Hanburger (Slow Season), Neil Doshi and Vanesa Zendejas (doshi-zendejas), Stephanie Specht (Specht Studio), & Victor Hu

All are welcome!