Cooperative Feminist Market with Par en Par & Friends

Sharing resources is a core tenant for Par en Par founder Laura Choi. With a NY business background and a recently launched simple and sustainable travel collection in a new city, she wanted this new reality to reflect the feminist practices she valued. Rather seeing her peers as competition, she has formed a cadre of female entrepreneurs who help each other with everything from sourcing and photographers to therapists.

At Cities of Days, we are celebrating this impulse at connectivity and future-looking business practices. By supporting each other monetarily, emotionally, and intellectually through shopping, conversations, and our presence, we eschew the current disconnected culture of capital.

Join us for a day of inspiration, support, and products like natural skincare, underwear that celebrates the female form, hand-poured candles, thoughtfully designed swimwear, and sustainable clothing from Peet Rivko, Figs Underwear, Blackout Wax Candles, Bikyni, and of course Par en Par.

Refreshments provided by Health Ade.

All are welcome: free!