do you feel the siren, Reading Series #1


A four-part reading series organized with Meital Yaniv presenting original works from 26 artists and writers, creating vulnerability and strength while falling into the present: do you feel the siren, descends into chapter two.

Part one participants: Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Dorit Cypis, Meital Yaniv, Nora Beckman, D Hill, Kim Ye, Estelle Srivijittakar

do you feel the siren, reading series



It’s not this time, it’s both gone and happening in some distant future

Into unfamiliar waters

falling into my own death

Falling, and then finding your way

Falling, don’t catch me, stop chasing me, you can’t save me or be me, this valley is mine alone and I’m falling into you and I’m falling into me

You fall, I fall, we all dance into oblivion

Turning, upending aspects, cycling and tumbling

I’m writing this in summer knowing I’ll be hearing your words in the fall-ing to come, wearing another layer of protection, longing for the torching heat that belongs to other days, past days.

It’s not enough to be one thing anymore, show your complexities



Out of control, into being always falling away from the sound

Falling into a new place, falling into an empty space

What will be your final fall, my final beginning

Falling into the idea of one thing while really understanding the other


It’s not enough to have a solid idea, firm and unchangeable

It’s not enough to say that you’re one thing and I respond with another

I can't catch my breath and it's already too late

Falling into the journey

How many more times can you get up, rise up, restart

Please please me

Please let me know

Please let me go

Walking the dark valley shamefully looking for a source of light because mine has run dry and I don’t want to need you but the stars are hiding and the moon forgot to rise and now I need to find my own way back into other days, echoing days, falling days.

It’s not enough to be free

The yearning for, not against

Stepping on past adventures from lost souls that found amazement right before death and now the ghosts of time are here to tell me I’m failing at falling

Supplicants file in long lines through the dark, stopping for a moment at the waystation on their questing

It’s not a question but a snake of impossibility

And I try to explain that I am falling


Do you know how to find your way?


I’m not sure what it means