Feeling Water with Surfboard C: Listening Party & New Merch Drop


Join us for for a listening party of Surfboard C's new album #TBOYF (Think Big Or You're Fucked). Listen to past work here. New merchandise, building off the previous pieces commenting on racial access to water and cultural appropriation, will be available for the first time.

Surfboard C (Cornell Sanaa) is a Songwriter and Graphic Designer based in Los Angeles.

His past clients include GOOD, Thought Catalog, Bravo (NBC), and Open Mike Eagle among others. Musically Inspired by vibrant artists like Pharrell, Beyoncé, and Missy Elliot, he's still managed to carve out his own sonic niche. Beneath the shiny veneer, Surfboard C’s songs are layered with themes of mental health, heartbreak, spirituality, and the politics of living in today’s world.