Flower, Stone, Sun & Water


From a desire to bridge conscious awareness between urban and natural landscapes, Saewon has been creating an ever growing collection of local flower, stone and environmental essences made in the LA wilderness.

Essences are made from an alchemical process involving sunlight, ceremony and the receptive nature of water. When used therapeutically, these waters shift our emotional and energetic patterning in both subtle and dramatic ways. They remind us that our feelings, perspectives, and identities are mutable and boundless.

Saewon will offer one-on-one sessions to create custom blended formulas based on each individual’s specific needs. A session will include a guided plant meditation that will connect you to your formula and support the development of your intuitive inner guidance.

Accompanying Ikebana flower arrangements and kefir spritzes provided by Jennifer Miller.

Sessions offered on a first come first served basis!