Funeral for a lesbian bar


or: celebration and heritage of a lesbian bar

- a lilac journey of participation and communal investigation -


Dear lezzies & friends,

it’s LILA-X-BASE, the last lesbian bar in LA writing to you.

You got this invitation on purpose. If you are interested in

staying open when it closes,
being part when you don’t know where to go,
getting asked when you don’t know the answer,

this is a heart warm invitation to celebrate my first and last night!
I will set up the room, provide drinks and you can hear me talk one last time. I want to show you my chocolate side, my hottest hits, and my beautiful wrinkles. I want to invite you to a last dance, a common farewell and the first dawn of my fortune.

Important notice: Please bring one thing that is indispensable to build a sense of community!
Besides this, feel free to come as you are.

I asked the German artist duo „the blue distance“, Anna Erdmann and Franziska Goralski, to help prepare this event. They will also release the brand new L.A. edition of their LILA-X-BASE memorial t-shirt - a visionary future space ad!

At the same time I am very thankful for the gorgeous support of „Cities of Days“ and the „June Mazer Lesbian Archives“.


See you soon!


P.S.: For the reason of saving our herstory we want to let you know that we will audio and video tape the event.

This performance will begin at 7:30

„the blue distance“ are Anna Erdmann and Franziska Goralski from Germany. They have been working together as an artistic duo for 2.5 years. In their artistic work they are interested in queer ways of living and learning, lesbian realities, (digital) feminist perspectives, how to share knowledge and what does visibility mean in hierarchical structures like the current political one. They explore the influence of role models as same as stereotypes on the construction of female* identity. Are female* role models relevant to find ones place in society? What could it mean not to repeat given categories? What is the relation between strength and visibility? Finding gaps and spotting light on underrepresented decisions is totally important for them.

Currently they are researching in Los Angeles about „Power of Place“ with a scholarship from the Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).