GAL X TENZO Holiday Party & Furoshiki Wrapping Workshop


Join us for a laid back holiday party with GAL and TENZO — there will drinks and shopping with an optional Furoshiki wrapping workshop, where you will learn to use fabric and knots to beautifully wrap all of your gifts. Also launching the first of Late Night Pasta, a series of printed chapbooks made by Tenzo & GAL.

Stop by, have a glass of wine and some Tenzo menu classics.

We'll be sharing our favorite cookbooks, selling our kitchen essentials, and teaching a furoshiki gift wrapping workshop.

Bring your favorite cookbook to share with the group!

Tenzo is a new online resource for the adventurous home cook. Part kitchen and homeware store. Part lifestyle magazine. Part culinary resource.

Girls At Library (GAL) is an online journal that features engaging literary interviews with and book recommendations from remarkable, diverse women who share a passion for reading. A unique online resource for literature lovers, GAL invites the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and emotions that underscore what makes reading such a universal pursuit. The books one reads both shape the mind and reflect the soul: literature empowers, transports, and inspires. To this end, GAL promotes reading as a constructive and enriching act for everyone. Each interview offers keen insights, personal portraits, and an artful, intimate look inside the libraries of women from all walks of life.