Hiking Club LA: Oil Trails Pt. 2



Throughout the season of Oil we are partnering with Hiking Club LA to explore sites of historically or currently relevant oil production around Los Angeles. Hiking Club LA has always been a respite and an incubator for community, creativity and new beginnings. Join us for the second hike as we continue the conversation around cities and oil to the trail:

Mentryville and Pico Canyon

Distance: 7 miles
Elevation: 1,250 feet
Duration: Day Hike
(9AM - 4PM)

Mentryville was one of the very first oil boomtowns in the region, dating back to 1876. It's mostly a ghost town now but original structures are still standing and we've stumbled upon bubbling tar pits in the area before. The climb out of the canyon should offer clear views across Ventura County towards the Channel Islands.

Gas Gallery's “Anatomy of Oil” contributor Susanna Battin will co-lead the hike as our guest artist.

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Susanna Battin uses strategies of research and visual art to investigate landscapes she has personal and intimate ties to. Her work specifically focuses on how the Romantic conception of nature continues to permeate contemporary politics, ecology, and dictate the human relation to land. This past work has taken form as performance, video, writing, social practice, and site interventions. Her work has shown at the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Gas Gallery, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Pieter Space, Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, Human Resources, PhotoLA, Colorado College, OPAF, and abroad. In 2018 she was the visiting artist in residence at Turning Point School, Culver City, and Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts, where she led exercises in landscape visualization and storytelling. She is an active member of Mother Ditch, NAVEL, and the reading group, OOLA. Susanna Battin lives and works in Los Angeles. http://www.susbatt.com/

Hiking Club LA began in January 2013 as an excuse to have meandering, break-filled conversations while engaging with the bizarre and immense geography of Los Angeles. It continues to offer monthly excursions to a self-selecting group of curious individuals.