Hiking Club LA: Oil Trails



Throughout the season of Oil we are partnering with Hiking Club LA to explore sites of historically or currently relevant oil production around Los Angeles. Hiking Club LA has always been a respite and an incubator for community, creativity and new beginnings. Join us for this inaugural hike as we bring the conversation around cities and oil to the trail:

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area Loop
Distance: 2.6 miles
Elevation: 243 feet

Few city vistas are more surprising than the vast Los Angeles panorama from Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. The rugged Baldwin Hills were home to the Tongva people for over 8,000 years prior to its acquisition by the Spanish in 1843. It remains a place of startling contrasts as its wild oak arroyos and windy grasslands sit side-by-side with the imposing Inglewood Oil Field (which has been in continuous production since 1924 and has yielded over 2.8 million barrels of oil).

We’ll survey the land as we read the text of Marcella Durand’s poem, “Anatomy of Oil” and consider our city’s own complicated composition.

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Hiking Club LA began in January 2013 as an excuse to have meandering, break-filled conversations while engaging with the bizarre and immense geography of Los Angeles. It continues to offer monthly excursions to a self-selecting group of curious individuals.