Invisible Cities & Specific Museums


There are over 600 museums in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, yet when people speak generally of our local museums, there is a strong chance they are referring only to a handful of the largest and most well-known. With his project, Todd Lerew is focusing on what he is calling 'specific' museums throughout the Los Angeles region, with an eye towards geographic and thematic diversity and an emphasis on the under-appreciated.

Join Todd Lerew at Days for a brief tour through the SoCal museum-scape using Invisible Cities as a lens for understanding this place as constituting many concentric or simultaneous yet seemingly unrelated worlds.

Todd Lerew is a composer, artist, volunteer host of a fire lookout tower in the San Bernardino Mountains, and generally curious person. He is Program Manager for the Library Foundation of Los Angeles and Curator of the Central Library exhibition, 21 Collections: Every Object Has a Story. He earned a BA from Hampshire College, and an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. He has received commissions from So Percussion and the Now Hear Ensemble, and was winner of the American Composers Forum 2014 National Composition Contest.