Look, Touch, Taste, Swallow


Reimagining how dinner is served and how food is eaten, Foad Dizadji-Bahmani presents a series of increasingly complex dishes to navigate and share. Join us for a five course Italian-inspired dining adventure!

Limited to 8 participants. SOLD OUT.

Five Italian classics, reimagined:

prosciutto & melon (bacon and pistachio dust balloons burst over cantaloupes)

bruschetta (ciabatta w/ seven pestos)

calamari (slow braised squid and fried bread w/ bubbling broth)

lasagna (lamb and laurel ragu over a single 8 foot long sheet of pasta (true!) w/ bechamel and parmesan crisps)

tiramisu (suspended ristretto ice cream and mascarpone cream, crumbed Savoiardi)