Loving Others: Community Support


RESCHEDULED FROM 12/3 to 12/10!

This open-platform group will be meeting monthly at Days for the duration of Oil as an excavation of the self and community support group.

Girl Army was created to build a support community for women. With no subject off limits we want women to fully and comfortably express themselves without fear of judgment. It can be hard juggling a creative productive lifestyle while battling past traumas. Girl Army is where you go to relieve stress by verbally releasing it to a group who listens and comforts. Our goal is for you to feel like you’re meeting with your sisters for a monthly check-in.

December's focus is: Loving Others

This months group focuses on how we love others. Sometimes we are conditioned to love in a certain way and of course we all love differently. Some of us choose not to love at all, or to give tough love. Some of us love hard and easily. This conversation invites the group to consider questions like “have you observed the way you love?” “has there been any growth in your styles of loving?” and “is there growth needed in your approach?” Join us for the group investigation!

Girl Army opens its doors to anyone who identifies as a woman and is a 100% safe place for everyone.

Limited space—RSVP please!