Medusa's Song: an Herbal Ceremony with Medea/Medusa and Sun Song


On one of the darkest nights of the year, an invitation from Sarah Manuwal of Medea/Medusa and Saewon Oh of Sun Song to pause, release, and return through an intentional herbal ceremony. Working with native plants, the ceremony will move through the idea of the snake and shed past selves with White Sage essence, set boundaries and create a "new skin" with Tree Tobacco, and bring in new energies with Elderflower—all with the help of a Mugwort vinegar.

Join us to explore these archetypal ideas and to reset for the Solar New Year. Each participant will receive a custom-made snake goblet as well as an essence from the ceremony for future use.

Come dive into the shadow self, release what is not serving you, and return with light.

Limited to 12 participants: $35

SOLD OUT email for the waitlist

Ticket includes participation in the ceremony, a handmade ceramic goblet, and a portion of the herbal essences used.