Oil Opens


Join us to launch Oil, on Thursday evening with drinks and Taiwanese shaved ice!

The final installment of Cities of Days brings us into the season of Oil and metaphorical cities. Imbued with the corporeality of Anaïs Nin’s Cities of the Interior, we descend into the sensuousness and mystery of the lived body. Oil is the core—those deepest and darkest, hidden, or perhaps unknown places.

Throughout the year, Cities of Days has been uncovering cities in strata: moving from literal layers of Rock, to imaginary layers of Water, and now into experiential layers of Oil. Ideas give way to desire, plans resolve into ritual, physical structures transmute into emotion.

Over the next four months, we explore these depths with artists, designers, craftspeople, writers, and makers of all sorts. Together, we draw back the curtains of our previously explored buildings, breaching their facades and venturing inside.

In our upstairs studio, we will be hosting The Wax Apple as a shop-in-shop through the end of the year. The space is a container for, and creation of, memory, conjuring artist Juliana Hung’s Taiwanese childhood, with products selected with her Grandmother for sale. Regular Taiwanese food will help activate this project and the memories, new and old, it inspires.

In conjunction with the launch of Oil, we will be hosting Gas Gallery (a mobile, autonomous, experimental and networked platform for contemporary art) on Saturdays for the month of November, with their exhibit Anatomy of Oil on view.