Self Care Discussion: Community Support


This open-platform group will be meeting monthly at Days for the duration of Oil as an excavation of the self and community support group.

Girl Army was created to build a support community for women. With no subject off limits we want women to fully and comfortably express themselves without fear of judgment. It can be hard juggling a creative productive lifestyle while battling past traumas. Girl Army is where you go to relieve stress by verbally releasing it to a group who listens and comforts. Our goal is for you to feel like you’re meeting with your sisters for a monthly check-in.

November's focus is: Self Care Routines

This conversation is an opportunity hear one another’s routines for a happier life. It also serves as a reminder to people that it might seem like a lot of work to rebuild yourself but tools like making one step or consistent reminders can help start the way! We encourage all who join to think of 3 things that they do for themselves to show self love and appreciation.

Girl Army opens its doors to anyone who identifies as a woman and is a 100% safe place for everyone.

Limited space—RSVP please!