Surya Chandra Ayurveda Oil Launch


Come learn about traditional Ayurvedic oil practices, tap into preventative self care routines amidst the winter unravel, and celebrate the launch of a new oil blend during this evening event.

Days is pleased to launch Surya || Chandra Ayurveda’s new herbal body oil in their line of Ayurvedic Healing Oils. This new burgundy red oil is infused with local fresh pomegranate, blood orange, buddawood, juniper berry, rosemary, bala root, silver fir, mugwort, and rose hips.

Lauryn Bellafiore, Founder + Ayurvedic Practitioner of Surya || Chandra Ayurveda will be present highlighting ayurvedic practices for the winter season, showing a live Nasya-Nasal Oil/ Head Massage, and discussing her new collection (including a holiday oil gift set).

Allow yourself the time to nourish your ojas (life force), ease the nervous system, ground in, and anoint your body temple with herbal medicinal oil from the toes up.

Please join us to experience the sensual glow, shop holiday gifts from local women owned businesses, snack, and sip mulled pomegranate blood orange wine.

Free, inclusive, welcome to all!