Waystation Trail Series #2


Join Hiking Club LA for our second installment of the Waystation Trail Series:

On hikes from now through December, Hiking Club LA is inviting their favorite Los Angeles creatives to explore themes contained within the three valleys of existence Falling Days is traversing, as they journey by foot on their favorite trails in the Southland. Hiking Club LA has always been a respite and an incubator for community, creativity and new beginnings.

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A Poetic Walk with Nikki Darling

Nikki Darling is a badass artist, just like you. Razz is her little companion gifted by the universe. She leads Nikki much like The Fool's faithful White Dog. You are invited to join Nikki and Raspberry Beret as they lead you on a poetic walk where each hiker is encouraged to be 'present' (please no phones or social media). Bring a small notebook, tape and colored pencils and pens. If you don't have pencils we can all share. 'There is no moment more important than the one you're in.'

Winston Peak & The Pacific Crest Trail
Distance: 5 miles
Elevation: 800 feet
Duration: Day Hike
9AM - 5PM

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