Waystation Trail Series w/ Hiking Club LA


On select hikes through December, Hiking Club LA is inviting Los Angeles creatives to expand on themes contained within each valley of existence as we journey together by foot on our favorite trails in the Southland.

Hand In Hand w/ Agnes Bolt

Towsley Canyon
Distance: 5.3 miles
Elevation: 1,105 feet
Duration: Day Hike
10AM - 4:30PM

It seems that we are all in some form or another living in a transition these days. To most of us, this is uncomfortable, being in a state of unknowing, no longer feeling safe in the way we operated before but not being entirely sure how to proceed. It's present in politics, but perhaps also in our love lives, in our careers, our place in the world, where we should stand on certain issues...

David Wojnarowicz says "transition is always a relief. Destination means death to me.” The intention of this hike is to embrace that transition, to really work towards letting go of expectations, of control, of fear of the dark. To surrender without losing power. Everyone on the hike will receive a gift to help them along with this process.

Agnes Bolt is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. She is a co-founder of Institute for New Feeling and the curatorial project Blue Ruin but mainly she’s into making ceramics these days.

Space is limited: Sign up HERE