Writing Group: Kublai Khan


Taking inspiration from the imaginative spaces in Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, we continue our bi-monthly generative Writing Group.

The session will consist of creative writing exercises and an element of group work! No writing experience necessary, this is an open and inclusive co-creative venture.

Each meeting will be led in partnership with artists and writers: this session will be led by Audrey Kim. We'll explore concepts of water through a series of experiential exercises from Kublai Khan's ancestry.

Please bring a notebook or paper and a pencil or pen to write with

Limited to 12 participants.

$5 - Reserve your place here

Audrey A. Kim is a writer, editor, and educator in Los Angeles. She is interested in bringing forth the perspectives of people who create and influence culture by rejecting traditional systems, expanding our definitions and practices of learning, and interrogating the role technology should play in our society.