Writing Group: Litia Perta


thinking about cities means thinking about water

this workshop offers a series of invitations that will have us tangle around waters...those that move inside us, those that flow outside us, the ones that move through and are us, the ones that refuse borders, that reveal different forms of direction, other kinds of memory, other ways to know...those that seep, leak, flow over, run through—the waters on which all cities depend. through a series of writing exercises and meditations, we will generate language around waters and move through, like water, different kinds of knowing and different forms of relating to the seas.

“Still, like water, I remember where I was before I was ‘straightened out.’”

—Toni Morrison, “The Site of Memory”

(please bring a notebook or paper and a pencil or pen to write with)

litia perta teaches at the university of california, irvine and lives in los angeles with her most challenging and loving teachers: a one-year-old child, a human partner, and a streetcat-foundling named luchalibre.

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